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Green Driving

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Cars are the second biggest cause of global warming, but for many of us it's not practical to live without a car. Therefore if you have to drive, it makes sense to drive in the most eco-friendly way possible.






It's been calculated that just by changing the way we drive, motorists can use 25 per cent less fuel. This will save you money of course, but also help to protect the planet. The European Climate Change Programme has calculated that if there was a European wide adoption of eco driving across EU member states, we'd save 25 billion litres of fuel by 2010



GEPDS is an advanced driving school that specializes in security driver training, defensive driver training, 4WD defensive training and armoured vehicle training in the Africa region. GEPDS provides driver training and consultancy services locally and internationally, for a variety of individuals and organizations - from Humanitarian & Relief Workers, Field workers, UN personnel, embassy officials and staff, tour operators, drivers for security companies, corporate executives, to chauffeurs wanting training in VIP protection and women who want to better protect themselves and their children from criminals while mobile.